Outdoor CarCapsule Automatic Car Cover

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Same operation as the Original CarCapsule, but with more rugged performance.
The Outdoor CarCapsule Automatic Car Cover will protect your classic in ways other car covers can't. Protect your hot rod from hail, dings, scratches, dust, pests, and mold while preserving it from the harsh elements. Simply plug it in and watch it protect!
  • For the car enthusiast who needs protection from the elements.
  • Great protection from rain and hail during storms. 
  • Made temperature cold-crack and UV rated PVC.
  • Easy setup for ease of use.
  • UV rated to 158 degrees.
  • D-rings added to anchor to the ground for more stability.
  • Velcro flaps covering the zippers to add water resistance.
  • Dual recirculating fans with air filters for continuous air flow.
  • Include dual fans, water-resistant power supply, and two air filters. 
  • 18ft. Overall size: 18ft. L X 6.5ft. W X 5.6ft. H (66 lbs.)
  • 20ft. Overall size: 20ft. L X 6.5ft. W X 5.6ft. H (75 lbs.)
  • Tall 20ft. Overall size: 20ft. L X 6.5ft. W X 6.7ft. H (80 lbs.)
  • Tall 22ft. Overall size: 22ft. L X 7.5ft. W X 6.7ft. H (100 lbs.)
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.

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